Insyt is a great alternative to Google Analytics!

Google Analytics Alternative

Updated at: 2022-09-27.

Insyt is a great alternative to Google Analytics

Even though Google Analytics might not cost you anything on a monthly (or yearly basis), you should definitely not consider it a free service.

You need to know that Google is not just a nice company giving you free access to their analytics software. They do this, because giving you access to their software means that they get access to your visitor's browsing data. As such, like most companies, Google is profit driven through advertising, and they won't charge you for their product, because they get something more valuable - the ability to monetize the data they get from you. According to data from W3Techs, 85% of websites on the internet have Google tracking code on them. This means that Google is not only keeping track of what you search for, but they also collect, store, analyze, and utilize 85% of the websites that everyone visits. This is one of the reasons we, a very small team, set out to create Insyt Analytics. We love data and yes, we also used Google Analytics for quite some time on our websites, but that has changed. And we want to help individuals and companies get off the Google tendency. Our code does not invade the privacy of your website visitors. We thought about our pricing model long and hard and while we provide a free tier, we charge for our product so that we do not need to sell information or data. This means that using Insyt and our tracking code, removing Google Analytics, your website is longer a data collection point for them.

What Google Analytics data is used for?

So yes, we all know that Google provides you their analytics software free so that it can collect and harness information about you, your website and its visitors to drive their advertising and more, however did you know that the data that Google collects can also be subpoenaed by lawyers for use in civil cases?

Insyt does not collect the same personally identifiable information. We do not track individual browsing habits and prefer data tracking in the aggregate. Hence, if we received such a request, there is nothing we could provide on specific people. The visitors to your website along with your potential customers are safe and secure because we do not keep any IP address activity. We make sure that privacy is the foundation of Insyt.

We're not trying to convince you to switch to Insyt, we just want to present the facts, so you can make an informed decision about your website. Likewise, we do charge after our free tier, however that is what keeps us in business, and we do not need to sell any data (if we had any) to large advertisers or tech companies. We only know things like popular pages, referrers and a few other non-identifiable data points. We do not know who visits your website.

On top of that, Insyt is not backed by any investors or venture capitalists, folks who require that after investing, companies should grow exponentially by any means. We are bootstrapped and believe in privacy by design as well as a foundational set of ethical behavior in business.

However, should you decide to switch to Insyt and utilize our platform as your analytics provider, you will be empowering your visitors and customers with the privacy they should receive. Don't we all want this kind of treatment when surfing the internet?

With Insyt you get a simple dashboard on a single screen with all the information you need to evaluate your website traffic. Our platform is super simple to use, and does not violate the digital privacy of website visitors. We believe that a good tool is not one that shows you hundreds of metrics and thousands of reports. It's the one that gives you relevant information in a digestible manner, quickly showing you what you need, so that you can get back to your business of writing, creating or selling or serving customers.

5 reasons why Insyt is a great alternative

While we have mentioned a few points above, we felt like we needed to really share the "why's" rather than just saying "it is so".

Simple vs. complex

Insyt collects actionable data. We noticed it ourselves when we used Google Analytics, how complex and complicated the tool is. If you're not a tech expert, it's really difficult to use. We find that you do not need infinite reports to run your website. We highlight the most important aspects about your website traffic, so you can quickly adjust your business or blog. Key things such as page views and referrers, among other data.

You do not need to hire expensive marketing consultants. With Insyt, you are up and running quickly on any CMS (Content Management System), nor do you need to invest hundreds of hours certifying yourself to install our code or understand the dashboard (and trust us, we have Google certifications).

You do not need GDPR, CCPA or PECR notices

How awesome is that? Now, while you may need those for other parts of your website, you won't need it for Insyt Analytics. We do not invade the privacy of your website visitors, because we do not use any cookies, meaning no notices are need because we are compliant with GDPR, CCPA and PECR regulation.

It is important to us that we are fully compliant with privacy laws and utilize best in class anonymization techniques. And did you know that lawmakers and governments around the world have now realized how severe data breaches and targeting advertising has become, that they are now enacting laws to protect their citizens. We don't use cookies. How cool is that?

We are independent with customer first mindset

We are a small private company that is bootstrapped, however that does not mean we lack in experience, infrastructure or salaries and are in need of investors or a board of directors who only want to maximize their investment. Furthermore, we only answer to our customers, keeping your best interest in mind.

Only recently did we launch our service, however it has been a blast. We ran a beta test for a while (including family and friends websites along with a few small businesses) and after launching, organizations and individuals across the board have signed up and are now utilizing Insyt. Our goal is to help individuals and small to medium-sized businesses that value privacy. We charge a fair price (aside from our free tier) serving our customers the best way possible.

And yes, while we are small, we utilize the same tech and infrastructure that big companies do. Our tracker will never slow down your site, nor will you ever have to worry. We keep it all hassle-free.


The Insyt analytics script is less than 1kb! That is small. Google has a total file size of 45.7KB, which means it takes a lot longer to load on a website. The odd thing about this is that faster websites are rewarded by search engines like Google. The quicker your site loads the happier your website visitors will also be. Combine that with the fact that you do not collect user information (no cookie notice) and keep your visitor information private will only benefit your site.

Our analytics code is also super easy to install. You simply need to paste our code in the header, body or footer of your website and it will automatically start working.

Avoid ad blockers

There are some online studies that show roughly 30% of internet users now have some form of ad blocker installed. This translates to 30% of users blocking Google Analytics, which collects and stores information. Rightly so!

Yet Insyt does not violate digital privacy, making it easy to bypass ad-blockers and see privacy focused stats. Our competitive advantage here is that customers are not sending data to Google when visiting your site. We want data from website analytics to remain anonymous and out of the hands of advertisers.

Why is Insyt not completely free if Google is?

Keep in mind that Google is not free at all. The data that is collected by their software, your website, is utilized by Google because they are an advertising company. Google has become such a wealthy company by analyzing and selling huge amounts of personal data collected through Google Analytics.

We are not an advertising company. We are a software company. We provide a service that we believe should be the foundation of online data collection, hence private and anonymous. We provide a free tier, however our premium plans generate revenue so that we do not need to sell data if we did not collect it anonymously. Furthermore, we’re bootstrapped and have actively turned down investors, so we can focus on our customers and their needs.

The best alternative

Yeah, we'll dub ourselves the best, because customers come first. Ultimately as they saying goes, you get what you pay for. If you are not paying for a product, then you are the product. Google does not charge you because they make billions selling your data. We charge a small amount, at what we believe is fair, so that we do not ever have to do that. We are not profit obsessed.

With Insyt Analytics you own your data and protect the privacy of your website visitors. You remain in complete control or the information collected anonymously on your website through our platform. - Your website data is never shared with advertising companies or any third parties, ever. - Your website data is not collected or analyzed for personal, demographic or behavioral trends, ever. - Your website data is never monetized. We make money selling software, it’s not in our best interests to sell that data as it’s not our business model.

Google Analytics is free because it’s run by the largest advertising company in the world. They collect and sell personal data so we believe that it’s time we made our websites a black hole to big tech.

Data privacy is a growing trend online. Insyt exists and is profitable because of this trend, and every day more and more website and business owners are realizing how important it is to respect and protect the privacy of their website visitors with website analytics software like ours.