Insyt Analytics is an amazing alternative to Google Analytics.


Updated at: 2022-01-04

We’re done with big tech tracking

Big tech companies promise all the insights and data one could possibly want, and they said we could have that for "free", then just monetized the whole thing by abusing our personal data without really asking.

Google Analytics tracks roughly 85% of the internet pages out there. They don't charge customers for their software because they would rather be mining our private habits and targeting us with ads, making their business model much more profitable.

As citizens of the internet ourselves, we knew the internet deserved better. That's why we run Insyt, a simple, privacy-focused analytics software.

We're happily small tech

We are proudly bootstrapped and the only folks we answer to is ourselves. We do not seek Venture Capitalists nor investors. We do not put a focus on hyper-growth and customer acquisition. Not only that, but we go by word of mouth and quality of service. We are a small team with big ideas and visions, have invested in enterprise-grade resources to keep our servers online, superfast, and extremely resilient.

Whether you run a blog, ecommerce site, small to medium-sized business or even need enterprise grade analytics. Give Insyt a try. It's a great, no bullshit, service. You got our word on it.

Our business model is privacy by design

The way we operate and build Insyt is not a marketing gimmick for us. It's how we operate because we believe in digital privacy. We do not sell data, we sell software, and that is why we have fairly priced plans because that is our business model. 

Every customer using Insyt Analytics can trust that we don't just say we take privacy seriously, we are fully committed to it.

As big tech continues down its path of destruction, we will continue being one of the first pioneers in the "privacy-focused visits method" - which we believe will become an industry standard. Everyones digital privacy is at stake here and we don't just utilize it in marketing - that is how we operate.

Sustainable business by default

As we've previously mentioned, Insyt is fully bootstrapped, meaning we are completely independent and self-funded from the start. We got tired of using Google Analytics and decided to launch our own platform for like-minded individuals and businesses for the long term. We do not bend to outside pressure as we are fully profitable and sustainable, even with a free plan, because we have priced our software fairly. 

We are not in this to cash out or go on a hunting spree for venture capitalists. Everything has been great from the start. Our customer base keeps growing because we provide a humane, friendly and customer focused experience, combining decades of business experience with our vision of running a sustainable company.

The planet seriously matters

We're not tree huggers, but we seriously care. We are guests here and we believe in ethical business. In recent decades businesses have simply been greenwashing themselves, promoting their sustainability efforts, but behind all the fluff is a bunch of bull**it. There we said it. We do things differently, and hence we donate a portion of our gross revenue to charities and endeavors. Our company (and everything else) cannot exist without a habitable environment.

Questions? Press?

If you have any questions, whether pre-sales or support, or just wanting to say hello, then please get in touch via email. We'll be happy to help whatever the issue may be. 

We don't like using social media, but you can follow along over on Twitter. @insyt_me

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